Important milestones in the development of reliable circuit breakers have been the development of air & vacuum breakers, which are a vast improvement over oil circuit breakers. Overcoming the major risk of inflammability combined with high costs of maintenance, air & vacuum breakers are a gigantic leap from the bulky breakers.

Bullock Breakers, true to its vision of featuring the best of the best, have on inventory, brands that are legendary when it comes to quality and reliability in circuit breakers. Evoking respect among lesser known brands, these industry leaders such as Westinghouse Breakers, Siemens-Allis, ITE Breakers and GE Magne-Blast are top of the line breakers that work with insulating medium such as air and vacuum.

Circuit breakers lend protection to equipment through safety when the automatic measures kick in to interrupt power as and when thresholds are crossed. The medium of air and vacuum have proved to be more effective after technology harnessed methods to develop protective circuitry that are reliable and function with precision.

Leading brands, such as Westinghouse Breakers, Siemens-Allis, ITE breakers and GE Magne-Blast have developed models that function with clock-like precision disconnecting and de-energizing equipment downstream when current breaches pre-determined levels. Circuit breakers that rely on insulating medium such as air and vacuum have been deemed to be most suitable for medium voltage equipment.

Bullock Breakers has perhaps one of the most extensive and comprehensive range of air and vacuum breakers of the best brands, lending increased reliability to operations and equipment. 

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