The control, protection and isolation of equipment in an electrical circuit is vital to the efficient functioning of the equipment downstream. Switchgear equipment, that function as sentinels in the circuits, have undergone a transformation, to the present state of highly advanced equipment.

The inventory managed by Bullock Breakers includes low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage switchgear from global leaders in power transmission equipment. Westinghouse, Cutler Hammer and Siemens are some of the best names in the business. Switchgear equipment manufactured by Westinghouse, Cutler Hammer and Siemens are the most sought after across all categories. Ranging from low voltage switchgear, through medium voltage switchgear and including high voltage switchgear, the equipment available at Bullock Breakers are the most reliable in the industry.

All switchgear equipment, such as low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage sold by Bullock Breakers conform to the highest standards and rating. Ratings, such as current, interrupting, voltage class, insulating medium and type of construction determine the efficiency of switchgear equipment.

Bullock Breakers with a commitment to quality, stocks only the best equipment available globally. This ensures that the controlling and de-energizing of equipment downstream is executed in a reliable manner. If reliability and rugged features are prime factors that determine your choice, then Bullock Breakers will help you meet your exacting requirements.

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