Ground & Test units are crucial equipment relied on during critical processes such as primary installation and periodic maintenance of circuit breakers. Equipment require to be grounded cleanly during initial installation and during configuration testing. This is achieved through Ground & Test units that ensure that all the three phases of power are grounded cleanly. This vital safety aspect ensures that the stabs, both upper and lower are solidly grounded in circuit breakers.

Bullock Breakers, with an envious and extensive range of equipment in electric power systems, hosts a whole array of Ground and Test Units that will help in the initial installation and subsequent maintenance. Circuit breakers require regular and periodic maintenance for trouble free operations, and Ground & Test Units help in carrying out of such maintenance.

Available in both manually operated and electrically operation versions, the electrically operated versions permit the operator to maintain safe distance during grounding of the switchgear. In both versions, all three phases are grounded permitting further tasks. Ground & Test units have added a layer of safety, a kind of buffer during initial installation and during maintenance. The sentinel like quality of the Ground & Test Units streamlines and safeguards the installation process of circuit breakers, in addition to assisting during maintenance. With Bullock Breakers, you can be sure that only the best-in-category and best-in-rating equipment are made available for customers hunting for reliable Ground & Test Units.

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