A PT/VT Drawer is very important for routine operations as it provides control power. The supply of power to metering devices is important for overall efficient functioning. A Potential or Voltage Transformer Drawer popularly known by the acronym PT/VT Drawer represents with a great deal of accuracy, the primary voltage available in a secondary circuit.

Bullock Breakers, continuing the tradition of stocking the best brands has a formidable collection, from which one can choose the best PT/VT Drawer. Every Potential Voltage Transformer Drawer that is featured on the Bullock Breakers inventory is a fine example of the highest quality. The drops in reactance and resistance in every PT/VT Drawer maintain negligible levels so as to offer precision.

PT/VT need to function at optimized levels, during magnetic inductions in order to keep costs low, while being efficient. Bullock Breakers ensures that the quality of every PT/VT on inventory, measured across all parameters are high. Typically a PT/VT is graded as per rated primary voltage, secondary voltage, burden, voltage factor and accuracy.

Bullock Breakers ensures that the PT/VT are subjected to various tests so as to offer the best equipment to clientele. All products featured on site conform to the highest international standards, surpassing minimum requirements.

PRI 14400V 15KV PT Drawer


PRI 14400V 15KV PT Drawer Ratio 120:1 Voltage 15 KV 1500 VA @ 30C         We have several of these PT's available. Please check out the individual pictures of each below by clicking the...

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