An Overview of ITE Breakers

Dec 8th 2016

An Overview of ITE Breakers

ITE Circuit breakers are one of the most popular devices used to protect various types of electrical equipment such as transformers, motors, generators, etc. from damage caused by a short-circuit and current overload, or underload. They work on a basic principle of shutting the power down and are effective at breaking the circuit whenever there is a fault in the circuit. ITE breakers simply break the electric arc, stopping the flow of current to prevent overheating or any other damage to the equipment. Circuit breakers are used for many industrial and household purposes depending on their type and capacity.

ITE Breakers- Bullock Breakers

A circuit breaker is just a more practical and expanded form of a fuse, commonly used in households. A fuse needs to be replaced once it switches off and breaks the circuit. However, a circuit breaker is a switching device that can be reset later, manually or with a remote after the fault has been repaired to start functioning normally.

Circuit breakers can be classified on the basis of their voltage capacity. There are low-voltage, medium-voltage, and high-voltage circuit breakers. Circuit breakers are also classified on the basis of the technique they employ to break the arc. The most common ones are air and vacuum circuit breakers.

There are plenty of models of ITE breakers available in the market. It can be a quite overwhelming to see the number of options in the market, and that is why you must do some research in advance to find the circuit breaker best suited for your needs. It is always advisable to go for a reputed name instead of opting for a lesser known brand which offers low prices. You can be sure of getting a better quality product and good service when you choose a good manufacturer.

ITE has been a popular choice for decades for their air circuit breakers. The first ever ITE breakers were of the dashpot tripping design mounted on a slate. These circuit breakers came in 480V, 5kV, 15kV variants and were really popular for low and medium voltage circuits. High voltage air circuit breakers were also introduced over the years. Some of the best-selling ITE breakers are KA, KB, KC, KD, and KE 480V, in addition to the 5kV and 15kV designs. You can find some of the best models at great deals online according to your exact needs and preference.

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