Analyzing the Cutler Hammer Switchgear and Its Usage in Industries

Dec 5th 2016

Analyzing the Cutler Hammer Switchgear and Its Usage in Industries

Cutler-Hammer is a brand from Eaton, a power management company with a history of delivering high-quality products for various types of customer needs. They have an admirable legacy of managing electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic power related solutions. Their switchgear are used in various industrial applications and have proved their worth over time.

Cutler Hammer Switchgear – Bullock Breakers

Low and medium-voltage switchgear are most used in the industry. Their specifications and various industry applications are mentioned here in brief.

ANSI/NEMA Low-Voltage Switchgear: Among Cutler-Hammer’s low-voltage switchgear range, the significant ones are the arc resistant, magnum DS, and series NRX. These are the most popular and used in a variety of industry applications.

  • Arc Resistant: These low-voltage arc resistant switchgear are able to prevent arcing faults or damage caused by arcing faults. This is achieved by redirecting or channeling the arc energy out from the switchgear. The location of the arc does not matter as the footprint is not increased.
  • Magnum DS: This variant is widely used as service entrance switchgear. It is the secondary equipment in the coordinated secondary substations and auxiliary control and distribution networks. It has the unique communication ability owing to IMPACC power monitoring and control system.
  • Series NRX: This is an ideal switchgear for when a system upgrade requires additional functionality. It reduces drawing conversion and structure integration time. Its one-frame size remains unaffected by the amp rating and allows efficient layouts for distribution equipment.

Medium-Voltage Switchgear: The medium-voltage switchgear range from Cutler-Hammer provides centralized control and equipment protection for medium-range power equipment and circuits. These are used in industrial, commercial, and utility installations. They qualify for LEED credits, which can be helpful for industrial units aiming to achieve the certification.

  • Metal Clad Switchgear: The Vac clad-W-metal-clad switchgear are equipped with type VCP-W vacuum breakers that provide centralized control and protection for medium-voltage power equipment and circuits used in industries, commercial, and utility installations.
  • Metal-Enclosed Front Accessible Switchgear: It is also called MEF switchgear that provides the same protection for medium-voltage power equipment and circuits. It is a high-performance circuit breaker designed for industrial and commercial needs.
  • Metal Enclosed Switchgear: It is a commonly used MEC that works as a voltage load interrupter that is designed to provide reliable switching and fault protection for circuits ranging from 2.4KV to 38KV.

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