Attain Superior Power Distribution Control with Westinghouse Switchgear

May 18th 2017

Attain Superior Power Distribution Control with Westinghouse Switchgear

Westinghouse makes a range of low voltage and medium to high voltage switchgears for your specific application. Using a Westinghouse switchgear lets you control your power distribution system effectively and efficiently. Bullock Breakers offers a range of Westinghouse switchgears that are ready to ship. We aim to provide the used vacuum and air circuit breakers and switchgears from leading brands like Westinghouse. Our seasoned staff can help you choose the right Westinghouse switchgear that will suit your requirements. Get in touch with us for a consultation. Once you have the right product, you should be able to experience the following benefits from it:

                                      Bullock Breakers offer Westinghouse Switchgear

  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs – Switchgears by Westinghouse are designed and built to be durable and capable of running round the clock, while requiring minimal maintenance. In case you need to conduct routine inspection or maintenance, the switchgear offers easier access to the system and components to lessen downtime.
  • Reliable – Like high-end switchgears from other brands, the Westinghouse switchgear automatically and quickly detects faults and takes quick action to isolate the problem without interrupting the entire power infrastructure. In the unlikely case of electrical control failure, the unit can be operated easily by your staff. It should enable your in-house staff to easily identify and troubleshoot any problem that may occur, too.
  • Versatile – Westinghouse low, medium, and high voltage switchgears can be easily integrated with your existing power components, whether they are old or new. That way, you do not have to worry about upgrading or changing your entire system to match it.
  • Safe and secure – A Westinghouse switchgear goes through testing and certification processes to ensure that it is safe for use in your business. Some of the best switchgears are built with insulation or no oil at all to eliminate arc. Hence, they are compliant with IEEE standards.

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