Benefits of Siemens-Allis Circuit Breaker and Its Importance in Industry

Dec 6th 2016

Benefits of Siemens-Allis Circuit Breaker and Its Importance in Industry

Circuit breakers are an essential part of the air-insulated (AIS) and gas insulated (GIS) switchgear. High voltage switchgear are mechanical switching devices that connect and break current circuits (operating and fault current) and carry the nominal current in the fault position. Siemens is a world market leader in circuit breakers that are able to meet the economical, environmental conditions in various countries. 

Siemens-Allis Circuit Breaker – Bullock Breakers

Siemens-Allis circuit breakers are used worldwide in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. The range of Siemens-Allis circuit breakers includes air circuit breakers and vacuum circuit breakers. Besides these, you can also find a full range of other Siemens circuit breakers almost anywhere in the world. They are trusted and used worldwide. 

Siemens-Allis circuit breakers are available in a wide range such as live tank circuit breakers, dead tank circuit breakers, dead tank compact, and disconnecting circuit breakers. Their voltage range exceeds from 72.5KV to 800KV. One can easily understand the versatility and functionality of Siemens-Allis circuit breakers by going through such figures. 

Siemens-Allis circuit breakers are easy to find when you are in need of a replacement. Because of their popularity, various online and regular vendors and electrical suppliers stock Siemens-Allis circuit breakers. This makes them easy to locate when the system shuts down. Another favorable aspect of these products is that they can often be retrofitted. The rebuilding process saves companies a lot of money. Most of the circuit breakers of the brand can be bought in a re-manufactured state that acts as a cost cutting method. 

However, Siemens-Allis circuit breakers and vacuum breakers are not interchangeable. One cannot simply replace the one with another without making special modifications. Technicians should take care that the model they are removing must be replaced with the exact model of the Siemens-Allis circuit breaker. One can easily find the details about the installation and replacement of such circuit breakers from the company literature. It is the essential information that anyone might need when ordering the products for installation.   

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