Buying Siemens Low Voltage Switchgear For Reliable Electric Power Distribution

Apr 20th 2017

Buying Siemens Low Voltage Switchgear For Reliable Electric Power Distribution

One of the most trusted global brands, Siemens has an impressive range of power distribution equipment from 120 V to 38kV. Components manufactured by Siemens related to protection and control of power distribution includes low voltage switchgear. We, at Bullock Breakers hold on inventory, world class products of the most reputed brands in power distribution. And Siemens Low Voltage Switchgear feature prominently on the list, due to their reliability and high quality of components. If your requirement is for Low Voltage Switchgear, here are a few compelling reasons to go in for one of the best brands.

Range of Smart Low Voltage Switchgear

We, at Bullock Breakers bring to you the whole range of Siemens Low Voltage Switchgear with innovative Smart-LVS technology. This advanced technology is intended for use in devices with embedded technology. Facilitating communication between the equipment and the user on a real time basis, the Smart LVS Technology uses a single interface to offer access to the device. This allows the user to control, monitor and configure the equipment remotely.

Greater user control of the devices through inputs

Our predisposition towards equipment that offer innovative solutions has made Siemens Low Voltage Switchgear a natural choice for us at Bullock Breakers. This equipment allows the user to have greater control of the devices. For instance, a user can modify the configuration remotely, in addition to issuing control commands such as opening, closing, activating or de-activating.

Siemens Low Voltage Switchgear by Bullock Breakers

Expertise in installation and service of Switchgear

Our expertise in installation and service of the entire range of switchgear makes us the best choice for purchasing switchgear equipment. Needless to say, the installation, configuration, testing and service of advanced equipment that incorporate the latest technology requires a greater level of skill and exposure to technology. Our technicians have the luxury of working with the latest equipment from the best brands. This gives us at Bullock Breakers an edge, making us the most suitable reseller. Choose the best equipment from a globally renowned brand sold by a trusted reseller to enjoy trouble free installation and maintenance of switchgear.

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