Choosing a Perfect Circuit Breaker for Your Industrial Needs

Aug 30th 2016

Choosing a Perfect Circuit Breaker for Your Industrial Needs

Circuit breakers were specially designed and engineered to protect the electric circuit from damage. Faults like overloads, short-circuits, or power surges may lead to a system failure. The circuit breakers interrupt the flow of current automatically and can be programmed to resume the functioning of industrial equipment when the flow becomes normal. Having a perfect circuit breaker is crucial for your business needs as it ensures your equipment remains safe and protected.

                                                  .Circuit Breakers for Industrial Use

You must evaluate various aspects while choosing a circuit breaker for your industrial needs. Knowing some of the following details might aid you in the process of choosing the right quality circuit breakers .

  • Current Rating: It is the rating by the manufacturer that certifies the limit of current and thermal power a circuit breaker can bear. A good circuit breaker is one that carries the load without exceeding the temperature limit.
  • Frame-Size Rating: Different current frame sizes are required to operate different types of equipment in the industry. You can adjust the maximum load of the circuit and then install a current breaker that corresponds to the highest current levels for different frames.
  • Overload Relay Trip-Current Setting: It shows the maximum current that the circuit can withstand without tripping. The current tripping value must be greater than the maximum load value but less than the maximum permitted value as per industrial norms.
  • Short-Circuit Relay Trip-Current Setting: It is programmed to trip the circuit when the current in the circuit exceeds the maximum limit. The limit can be either fixed as per domestic standards or limited by you for your industrial setup.
  • Isolating Feature: A circuit breaker stops the flow of current to put apart the elements connected in the circuit. This saves the circuit from failure or unwanted faults due to the interaction of electric elements.
  • Breaking Capacity: It refers to the capacity of current that the circuit breaker can break without being damaged. This value is calculated in terms of rms. Choose a circuit breaker that has been tested and abides by the government norms and is suitable for your business needs.
  • Also, remember that if you are unsure of which circuit breaker to purchase, you can consult a technician or a specialist to analyze the quantity and rating of the circuit breaker required. These experts can help you choose the right products to protect your equipment and prevent any unnecessary losses.

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