Determining the Best Type of Westinghouse Switchgear for Your Electrical System

Feb 13th 2017

Determining the Best Type of Westinghouse Switchgear for Your Electrical System

Circuit breakers are switching devices that are used to protect electrical systems and appliances from overload, underload, short-circuit, and voltage fluctuation. The basic principle behind every circuit breaker or switchgear is basically the same, but they vary according to their usage and voltage handling capacity.

Switchgear are similar to electrical fuses that are used in households. The difference is in how long they can be used without the need to be replaced. On the other hand, a fuse must to be replaced every time it trips. They work on a principle of creating a higher arc voltage than the voltage in the supply line to break the arc and disrupt the flow of current when there is a fault in the circuit.

The most common types of circuit breakers are air circuit breakers and vacuum circuit breakers. Westinghouse is a leading brand in the switchgear industry that manufacturers various types of circuit breakers used both for medium and high voltage purposes. Their circuit breakers are frequently used in households for effective protection against various electrical issues.

You can opt for low-voltage switchgear for household use and medium-voltage switchgear for commercial purposes. Industries and large corporations require high-voltage switchgear. Westinghouse circuit breakers are best suited for household needs. They have different models even in each type of switchgear – low-voltage, medium-voltage, etc.

Westinghouse Switchgear

After determining your exact requirements, you should compare between the different variants available on the basis of amperage, voltage, operation, and other needs. It will give you a clear idea about the exact type of Westinghouse switchgear you should purchase. Then you must decide if you want to buy online or from a retail store.

To buy the Westinghouse switchgear that fit your needs , you should perform a thorough search on the internet to look for reputed and trustworthy vendors. You can also check for customer and expert reviews on various shopping websites and forums before making a purchase. Also, comparing the prices offered by various vendors can help you can save a few bucks when purchasing Westinghouse circuit breakers to get the best deal. 

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