GE Wavepro Circuit Breaker: Look For The Best Deal Online

Apr 21st 2017

GE Wavepro Circuit Breaker:  Look For The Best Deal Online

An electrical system that is protected by a reliable circuit breaker gives greater assurance during routine functions. Optimized operations call for reliability to prevent downtime due to overloads or short circuits that may have wreak havoc on equipment. GE Wavepro Circuit Breaker offers trusted solutions for circuits of varying sizes through Automatic Disconnection of Supply. At Bullock Breakers our association with the top brands stems from our commitment to quality and reliability. If your online search is for a rugged circuit breaker, here are the best reasons for opting for a GE Wavepro Circuit Breaker.

ANSI standard circuit breakers for greater reliability

The GE Wavepro Circuit Breaker conforms to ANSI standards in addition to a tag of UL and CSA labels. The reliability of the breaker can be seen from the deployment of secondary dedicated disconnect points in addition to breaker accessory points. All of this is encompassed in a single wiring diagram that is standardized making it easy for maintenance.

Convenient display of information

It is important to have a display of information, which will help in monitoring and taking appropriate action. The GE Wavepro Circuit Breaker has a built in display that gives information about the trip unit, in addition to the metering and trip information. This is displayed through large backlit LCDs and a LED that shows the status. This makes it convenient to monitor in addition to keeping the downtime low.

GE Wavepro Circuit Breaker by Bullock Breakers

Ease of installation of accessories on-site

Every equipment without exceptions require a cycle of maintenance and replacement of accessories. At Bullock Breakers, we realize the need for replacement of accessories on site, without having to haul it to a service center. This makes the GE Wavepro Circuit Breaker a natural choice to feature on our extensive list of innovative products. It permits accessories to be replaced easily on-site, in the shortest possible time.

At Bullock Breakers, the emphasis has been on quality, reliability and the need to meet the requirements of clients in a manner so as to reduce downtime. And the featured circuit breaker makes in one of the leading choices for clients from among our products.

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