Low Voltage Switchgear and Its Uses

Aug 31st 2016

Switchgears are used in high and low voltage sides of high power transformers. The switchgear on the low voltage end is fitted in homes or buildings. The medium voltage ones are fitted in metering controls, distribution circuits, etc. Different combinations of switchgear are used to enhance system stability and enable more sources to feed the load. The switchgear isolates the circuit in case of problems and protects the equipment from faults such as short-circuit or overloads.

                           Low Voltage Switchgear

Low voltage switchgear is setup within a building for local or remote switching of power. There are different mediums that can be used to break the circuit. The circuit breakers are carefully designed and generally use oil, air, gas or vacuum to disconnect the circuit. Each one has its benefits, and the ones you need to purchase will depend on your specific needs.

A reliable circuit breaker serves the following functions:

  • Electrical Protection: It protects the circuit, operator, and motor from thermal or mechanical stress that leads to short-circuiting or overloading of the system. The switchgear is essential to ensure the products work as they are designed to do so without any problems.

  • Isolation: It separates the components of the circuit to avoid malfunctioning due to the generation of an electric field from the flow of electric charge around the circuit. This is done when the elements are mounted on the system to ensure safety.
  • Circuit Control: It is important to control the power flow through the circuit for fundamental tasks like maintenance work, functional programming or stopping the system in case of an emergency. Low voltage switchgear ensures the user and / or the maintenance team has full control over the electricity flow.

  • Fault Protection: Automatic or manual breaking of a system makes it possible to avoid accidents due to system failure. In case of short circuit, overload or any insulation problem it is important to regulate the flow of current through the circuit.

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