Siemens Low-Voltage Switchgear and Their Role in Providing Home Safety

Feb 14th 2017

Siemens Low-Voltage Switchgear and Their Role in Providing Home Safety

Siemens is a trusted name in the electrical industry. Their switchgear incorporate rock-solid engineering that delivers exceptional performance and are designed to last for years. Siemens low-voltage switchgear are used in households to protect appliances and electrical circuits from overload, underload, faults, and voltage fluctuations. The most preferred Siemens low-voltage switchgear are the ‘Type WL’ switchgear.

Siemens Low-Voltage Switchgear

Type WL switchgear from Siemens are metal-enclosed circuit breakers that are designed, tested, and manufactured to provide superior power distribution, power monitoring, and effective control over the situation. It contains one or more metal-enclosed vertical sections. Every vertical section consists of up to four individually enclosed breakers or auxiliary compartments that are designed to provide superior modularity and even height.

In each switchgear lineup, there are several components such as WL breakers, instrumentation, control equipment, transformers, relays, three-phase bus work, and all the internal wiring, connectors and supporting components. Such switchgear are highly effective in creating a protective environment for your loved ones at home. It is because of their amazing safety features that they are so popular among the masses.

Some of the key features of the Siemens low-voltage switchgear are mentioned here.

  • Remote monitoring for temperature, maintenance, and metering data is available.
  • It is possible to carry out remote control via communications with or without interposing relays.
  • With a Siemens remote racking device, you can use the corresponding remote racking feature. The switchgear uses an integral torque overload sensing mechanism allows users to safely rack WL circuit breakers into the connect, disconnect, or test position from up to 30 feet away.
  • It can also be used via remote operation for opening and closing through the local handheld pendant station. It allows the user to remotely operate the WL breaker without being close to the switchgear.

The device also includes options such as infrared viewing ports, zone selective interlocking, and high resistance grounding.

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