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Various Advantages of Choosing a Cutler Hammer Switchgear for Electrical Power Distribution

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A high-quality switchgear is essential for reliable and quick protection for your power system. Bullock Breakers provides a wide variety of switchgears from well-known brands and manufacturers, like Cutler-Hammer, which has been involved in the electronics manufacturing industry since 1893. Cutler-Hammer continues to design and manufacture high-end switchgears and other electrical distribution products that ensure uninterrupted power to every commercial or residential setting. The Cutler Hammer switchgear is particularly used in facilities like schools, hospitals, industrial plants, and telecommunications stations. Here are some reasons why Cutler Hammer switchgears are right for your electrical power distribution requirements:

                                 Cutler-Hammer Switchgear Now Available At Bullock Breakers

  • Guard against fluctuations and risks caused by sudden power failures – The Cutler Hammer switchgear will prevent your power system from failing or malfunctioning under abnormal and normal power conditions. It prevents short circuits, as the switchgear finds faults and immediately disconnects the system’s unhealthy sections to prevent power interruption.
  • It can quickly detect faults – Leave it to the switchgear to work fast enough to detect any fault. It will isolate any unhealthy sections without disrupting your power system.
  • Low-maintenance – A Cutler Hammer switchgear can withstand long-term and continuous use with minimal maintenance required. The drawers and components are arranged in a strategic architecture for easy access in the event of any routine inspection or maintenance. That way, you can easily conduct maintenance or repair work with minimal interruptions.
  • Easily compatible with existing power components – The Cutler Hammer switchgear supports both current and vintage switchgear breakers and related components, making it versatile for any power infrastructure. 
  • Reliable – Every switchgear by Cutler-Hammer is laboratory tested under various conditions to ensure reliability at all times, including 50 to 200 full fault interruptions.

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